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About us

From Managing the North East of Supply Chain to Building Bonds for Brands

Shiv Shakti transport keeps your business in motion and contribute to fulfill your BRAND PROMISE.

Shiv Shakti is your Supply Chain Execution Partner. We provide all formats of Warehousing and Transportation Services to provide you with Intelligent and Optimised Distribution for your products.

Available services

Pan India Reach​

Operating 7 Locations with over 5 Warehouses, providing reach of distribution to over North East towns across all regions of the country.

Quality and Commitment

Shiv Shakti Brand Promise is to deliver Quality Services through a team of Committed and Motivated Team of Logisticians – Building Bonds for Your Brands with your Customers.

24/7 customer support

Dedicated Customer Supports teams monitor Logistics Execution Processes and provide Proactive Alerts and Notifications on your transactions.

Supply Chain Visibility

Intelligent Solutions driven Visibility Dashboard helps you to have information on your transactions On Demand and manage the Logistics through Managing By Exceptions

Supply Chain Integration

Shiv Shakti Transport provides you with Supply Chain Event Management Solutions which help to integrate enterprise-wide players into the Logistics Execution Process.

Distribution Metamediary

Shiv Shakti Tranport provides Distribution businesses with an opportunity to Design, Implement and Manage their Multi-Tier distribution on a single Dashboard with tools for Optimisation